In Brief: Karnataka state Powerloom development corporation is a Government of Karnataka undertaking incorporated under the companies Act 1956 during 1994 & is established for promotion and development of Power-loom sector in the state.

During the year 2010, the corporation changed its name from Karnataka state power loom Development corporation Ltd., to Karnataka state Textile infrastructure development corporation Ltd., to broad base its business operations and to achieve the following new goal:

  • Comprehensive development of Textile industries in the state by providing state of art infrastructure facilities.
  • Attract new investments & technology besides developing existing textile enterprises.
  • Capacity building- Development of Human Resources required for the Textile industries.
  • To identify & provide marketing Opportunities including Exports.

The corporation as an Industrial Development of the Textile Industry in the state drawn the following programmes and projects for implementation in the phased manner.

Organisational Chart

Certificate of Incorporation